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A Northern California Tree Planting Project of the Redwood Forest Foundation

PLANTING 400,000 Trees

The Redwood Forest Foundation is recognized for its market-based approach to establishing working community forests. They employ sustainable forest practices, including restoration, reforestation and one of the largest forest carbon programs in the nation. They reforest and restore forests while providing wood products, jobs and engaging the community in the management of their resources. Tree planting is cited by scientists as Number Two among the Natural Climate Solutions (NCS). Since 2009, RFFI has featured a popular, personalized redwood planting program, Plant a Redwood Now! supported by donors from around the world. Sequoia sempervirens, coastal redwood forests sequester more carbon per acre than any forest on the planet. Recognizing that redwoods cannot be planted everywhere, the foundation is expanding the project to reforest fire-ravaged areas throughout Northern California. The new project, Evergreen, will be sponsored by RFFI and Catching Carbon. In Series One Evergreen’s foresters are ready to plant more than 400,000 conifers in seven northern California forests at a cost of $6,700,000. The bulk of the trees will go to reforest California’s fire-ravaged forests. Tree-planting has multiple ecological advantages beyond carbon sequestration. Trees filter our water, cool the surrounding environment by transpiration and provide wildlife habitat.  EVERGREEN can begin as soon as funding is provided and be completed by late 2020. This carefully planned project has been designed to maximize carbon sequestration, assure careful selection of planting areas and suitable species, has all required agency approval and is supervised by Registered Professional Foresters. Once underway, a network of foresters, planters and forest owners is poised to move into SERIES TWO to plant millions of trees.


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