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farming blue carbon

A Global Restorative Kelp Project of Greenwave



250 kelp farms of between 25-50 acres each in 10 regions throughout the world



FARMING BLUE CARBON-A Global Restorative Kelp Project of Greenwave. Greenwave is heralded for their 3-D vertical polyculture restorative ocean farming that provides jobs while feeding the planet, benefiting the environment and building a blue-green economy in this era of climate change. Farming Blue Carbon Series One will establish 250 kelp farms of between 25-50 acres each in 10 regions throughout the world at a cost of $12,500,000. Supporting life in tidal pools is the Number One Natural Climate Solution cited by the IPCC and other 2018 scientific reports. Considered the “sequoia of the sea,” wild macroalgae (kelp) sequesters more carbon each year than Australia emits annually. This project will train and provide start-up funding for small ocean farmers to restore and farm kelp to feed humans and cattle, while drawing down carbon. This restorative kelp farming and food production is a carbon and nitrogen sink; SERIES ONE can be up and running within one year. This will lay the foundation for SERIES TWO in which Greenwave will jumpstart 500 farms in 5 years. The ultimate goal: thousands of farms around the globe sequestering 50% of the world's emissions, while farming 9% of the world's oceans.

The farms are planned to go into 10 regions
Northern AK = 50 farms
Southern AK = 50 farms
Pacific Northwest = 50 farms
New England = 50 farms
California = 50 farms
British Columbia = 50 farms
Canadian Maritimes = 50 farms
Gulf of Mexico = 50 farms
Iceland = 50 farms
Greenland = 50 farms