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by Drawing Down Carbon (CO2)

What if, we, as a global community, don't wait for the politicians, the banks, investors, the larger corporations, who, if they DID step in to solve this crisis, it would be great; but, what if, we just get about the business and solve this problem ourselves, together. We can, as a global community help reverse climate disruption by drawing down excess carbon in the atmosphere.  To do so, and as a start, we have chosen projects that will plant TREES, create BIOCHAR, plant KELP FORESTS and install DIRECT AIR CAPTURE MACHINES that will turn carbon into stone. 

So, consider helping reverse climate disruption for the cost of things you do every day:

your music streaming service...
your daily coffee...
your TV streaming service...
your social media posts...

The Scale Of The Problem:


There are 1.4 trillion tons of excess CO2 in our atmosphere that is heating up the earth.

Each year we add 38 billion tons. This carbon must be put back in the earth.


There are over 100 ways to reduce the carbon load in the atmosphere and this list is growing.  People ask, “Which is best?”Our answer is, ”We need to deploy them all.” As a first step we have selected four projects for Catching Carbon's Series One.  Guided by recent findings of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Ice on Fire scientists and other respected researchers, Catching Carbon has selected three projects that employ strategies from the “Top Five Natural Climate Solutions.” Each restores a different component of the Earth’s system: Oceans, Forests and Soil. We have added one exciting new tech project, Direct Air Capture, to round out Series One. The Series One solutions were selected because they have global connections and a demonstrated success in providing multiple, simultaneous and profound environmental benefits.


The Series One Catching Carbon Solutions are:

Farming Blue Carbon - Restorative Kelp Farming

Evergreen - A multi-benefit tree planting project

Down to Earth - A project that heals the earth by placing biochar in soil

Direct Air Capture - Technology that captures CO2 from the air.


Program Verification

All programs are run by organizations that are tested in their respective fields. Information about each program and verification letters provided on each  program page. 

Greenwave Letter

Down to Earth Letter

Evergreen Letter
Direct Air Capture Email

Ice on Fire short

on the framing

of this solution

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