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catching carbon faq

Why four solutions and not one? 

The effort to drawdown the legacy of the industrial revolution will take all the solutions we have.  There is often a discussion about whether it's nature or tech, whether it is trees or DAC.  We know that it will take ALL OF IT.  And to relieve everyone of having to choose between one or the other, we have chosen 2 nature-based solutions and 2 human/tech solutions. There are far more than 4 solutions, and if we are successful funding up our first group of solutions, we will add another series of solutions in a future series.    

Why non-profit?

The 4 solutions in Catching Carbon Series 1, are currently not profitable yet they all do a deep and important service to reversing climate disruption. The trees are planted in a dedicated carbon sink; the DAC machines in Iceland will be turning carbon into rock, therefore that carbon will be permanently sequestered and never exploited; the biochar machines will be creating and also testing biochar, doing research and also when applied to the soil, sequestering carbon; and the kelp planted are planted in areas where the kelp will be restoring the ecosystem and in places where permitting is challenging.

where are the renewables?

Our series 1 involves drawing down carbon. If we are successful with funding up Series 1, we will launch a Series 2 that will be a renewable energy series.

what is drawdown?
Paul Hawken edited a book entitled Drawdown in 2017 that framed the climate disruption issue in a very proactive manner. It researched the 80 and more ways we can "bend the carbon curve" and bring carbon concentrations in the atmosphere back to pre-industrial levels.  This phrase, "drawdown" has come to mean reversing the concentrations in the atmosphere by either drawing carbon out of the atmosphere or by not emitting carbon at all by transitioning to renewable energy.

Tax Deduction in the United states, what about elsewhere?
Tree Media Foundation is a 501(c)3 established in the United States.  To what extent any donation to Catching Carbon is tax deductible in other countries, we don't know, so please check your local jurisdiction.  This activity is not predicated on being tax deductible but in that we are hoping that people will help participate in getting these important carbon catching projects completed.

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